Oxygen Magazine November/December 2016

Competition is necessary because striving for a particular outcome, despite troubles or setbacks along the way, encourages perseverance and persistence. It does not always mean winning first place and not getting a placing is okay.

So, why do we feel let down if we don’t get a placing and what can be done to improve? I encourage you to think about the reasons why you are competing and adjusting your reasons WHY, so you don’t view winning as the only positive outcome.
It’s also important to understand that every competitor can improve and you need to take steps to assess your preparation and implement these changes as you look to plan a future goal after each competition. As a judge for many years I am often asked by competitors to give feedback and I love it when I am contacted, as this feedback can guide the competitor’s future preparation and goal setting. My feedback almost always comes back to the following 7 steps.

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