Oxygen Magazine November/December 2016

Competition is necessary because striving for a particular outcome, despite troubles or setbacks along the way, encourages perseverance and persistence. It does not always mean winning first place and not getting a placing is okay. So, why do we feel let down if we don’t get a placing and what can be done to improve?… Read More

How to Detox the Healthy Way

Wanting to look healthy and feel energetic are the main reasons people detox. However, few realise that ‘detoxing’ doesn’t have to be living on lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

Amelia demonstrates Pilates exercises for flat abs

I demonstrate how Pilates can benefit YOU in the latest Oxygen Magazine Australia. Pilates benefits: whole body workout incorporating breath & movement focus on deep abs for flatter abs create a narrower waist and great posture! My latest fitness modelling for Plates in Oxygen Mag!

Oxygen Magazine January/February 2016

IN A BUSY WORLD OBSESSED WITH SUCCESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA FAME, WINNING A FITNESS COMPETITION CAN SEEM LIKE THE ULTIMATE GOAL. MANY ASPIRING FITNESS MODELS THINK LIKE THIS, AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM? Competition preparation takes so much time and is often your primary focus in life for many months, so it is natural for… Read More