Frequently Asked Questions


What are the qualifications held by Amelia Ricci?

  • Level 3 – Fitness Australia Accreditation. 10+ years and additional CEC’s

The advanced level represents an exercise professional who has a more progressed level of knowledge and skill and has considerable experience to draw upon. It is expected that a professional at this stage of development can combine the use of competencies, experience and critical thinking skills in practice.

  • Current CPR and Senior First Aid
  • Yoga teacher
  • Basic to advanced Pilates
  • Body Pump, Body Balance Accreditation
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness
  • Personal Trainer and Fitness Testing

How many years of experience does Amelia have?

Amelia completed her fitness qualifications in 1997 and has remained accredited (via continuing education courses) with Fitness Australia and other industry bodies continuously for 17 years.

Has this plan worked for other ladies to achieve their bikini body?

Yes. Please see the testimonials of ladies who have achieved great results including a mother of twins, a busy company director, a bride to be and more.

Is this plan an e-book that gets sent to me via email?

Yes. This is an e-book including Amelia Ricci’s health and fitness principles, tips to help improve your mindset and also includes a four week training program and meal plan. The book will be sent to you instantly via PDF digital download to your nominated email address.

Is 4 weeks enough time to achieve my bikini body?

Amelia is a Bikini Champion and has been developing these principles over 20 years of her own training and training other women. The program is an ideal kick start and gives you all of Amelia Ricci’s secrets she uses to train Australia’s top fitness models.

You can expect a toned and lean body in four weeks and the results will likely motivate you to change your lifestyle for the long term.

During the program you can expect to lose up to 1 kilogram per week, but the results on the scales are not the primary focus. You will feel energetic and vibrant with a new found energy to live the bikini body lifestyle and develop long term health.


I have failed at diets and fitness programs before, why is this program different?

Most diets don’t work because they are very restrictive and offer little nutrition, low calories and an excessive amount of training that is not sustainable. This program will not only change the way you think about yourself but the way you live your life for the long term. You will learn Amelia’s practical tips to keep your health and fitness on track for the long term.

I lack self-confidence and want to feel good this summer, how can this program help me?

Amelia also experienced this early in her fitness career and there is a section dedicated to mindset in the e-book, with plenty of tips to help you overcome this and move forward in a positive way towards achieving your bikini body.


How much time do the workouts take?

30-60 minutes per day with one rest day. However Amelia is realistic and if you need to reduce this you can still do the program, however progress may be slower.

Is the 4 week bikini body training plan suitable for beginners?

Yes. The exercises are explained with photographs and are suitable for beginners.

Do I need to attend a gym to do the training plan?

No. All exercises can be done at home. You will need dumbbells (2 sets), a gym or yoga mat and a skipping rope. This equipment is listed in the program and options are given.

Meal Plan

Does the meal plan cater for vegan and vegetarians?

No. The meal plan is not for vegetarians or vegans. Amelia creates tailored meal plans for vegetarians via her web site 

Does the 4 week bikini body meal plan include recipes?

Yes. All recipes are delicious and beautiful photographs accompany each recipe, so you can see how to prepare these quick and easy meals.

Is it expensive to follow the meal plan?

No. All ingredients can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Are there any supplements required?

A protein powder is suggested as a convenient way to supplement your protein intake which is beneficial for women with a goal to achieve muscle tone and fat loss.


How can I ask questions during the plan?

If you have a question for me please check the FAQ’s as you may be able to get your question answered instantly here.

Most other topics and questions can be answered by using the ‘search’ tool in my blog which I have been writing since 2010, so there is plenty of content to help you achieve your goals.

Personalised health and fitness advice: Unfortunately I cannot give personal health and fitness advice. I am accredited as a Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia and I only take on clients via my tailored coaching programs which begin with a comprehensive screening questionnaire. My advice is limited to providing fitness and nutrition guidelines, within the scope of my qualifications.

Tailored Fitness Coaching: If you would like more information about a tailored program please visit my web site  where these services are explained.

Please note that although I read every email I receive, it’s not always possible to respond personally. If you email me a question about the 4 week bikini body program this will be answered on my facebook page.