Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Healthy Detox Program

Price: $49.95

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed with the pace of your life?

This program will enable you to take time out to re-energise. The program combines nutrition, light exercise, stretching and yoga, to enable you to rest, nourish and establish wellness principles for long term health.

The Yoga and Wellness Program is suitable for anyone who is looking to re-boot their immune system, minimise poor food choices and rejuvenate after a time of stress or busy schedule.

You can expect to sleep like a baby, and awake feeling refreshed and alive from the intake of nutrient dense foods and juices on the program.

This is a two day program incorporating whole foods, juices and soups to replenish your body with vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that you do this program over a weekend when you have little else planned, so you can rest and experience its full benefits. The recipes can also be used as a one week plan, which is explained later in this book.

Need more motivation to get started?
Here is what our testers had to say:

I like that this is a sensible program as I personally
do not like the thought of doing a detox/cleanse.
I am stubborn and my downfall is that sometimes I overestimate my energy levels, taking on too much, when I really should look after myself a little more. The soup was amazing.
Jenny, Adelaide, SA.

Amazing! I am literally bouncing out of bed! Also found I went to sleep better and am sleeping very solidly. I feel well rested. At work the following week I felt less stressed, achieved positive outcomes and the people around me have noticed I have more energy and am feeling brighter.
Sally, Perth, WA.

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