My Bikini Body

Diets are boring and endless cardio is not the way to a toned and lean bikini body! Amelia wants to give you a nutrition and exercise plan that seamlessly becomes your lifestyle for the long term.

my bikini body meal plans are about eating more, not less.

my bikini body workouts are fast track tone-up workouts.

  • 55 page lifestyle transformation guide
  • mindset tips
  • 20 minute, at home workouts
  • Over 25 recipes

This is not a quick fix solution. This is a healthy body transformation which will last longer than 4 weeks.

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4 week bikini body advanced

Are you ready to have fun whilst getting stronger every week? This program will get you into the fittest shape you’ve ever experienced, and the best part? You will love the delicious meal plans and can workout wherever and whenever it suits you. Find out More

Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed with the pace of your life?

This program will enable you to take time out to re-energise. The program combines nutrition, light exercise, stretching and yoga, to enable you to rest, nourish and establish wellness principles for long term health.

  • Re-energise,
  • re-juvinate
  • sleep better
  • replenish your body with vitamins and minerals

Incorporating fresh natural food and yoga to refresh the body and the mind this DIY health retreat will leave you with a new lease on life.

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Flat Abs Secrets

Would you like visibly flatter abdominals?
This program is specifically designed for you to look great, but more importantly, to feel amazing.

This exercise program will give you a smaller waist and toned abs, but will also reduce back pain and improve your posture, which means feeling energetic and light every day!

  • Target problem areas
  • Strengthen and tighten
  • Workout in just 20 minutes

Focusing on core strength, these exercises combine stretching and strengthening, with breathing and coordination to create a balanced body.

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