Fitness model approved – healthy pancake recipe

No amounts of dieting or gimmicks will get you to a happy place with your body. Having an enjoyable exercise routine and knowledge about how different foods affect your body is the answer.

Avoiding whole food groups is a fast road to the binge mentality, because when you are exposed to them an “all or nothing” attitude can develop. It is much better not to outlaw any foods but understand that when you eat high calorie foods everybody needs to have portion control.

Amelia at Active Living Room Rundle Street

Amelia at Active Living Room Rundle Street

Meet Amelia at upcoming events

I love meeting everyone and talking health and fitness. Here is my upcoming schedule:

Lorna Jane Rundle Mall Opening – Saturday 12th September, Rundle Mall Adelaide.
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INBA (SA) Fitness Competition – Sunday 20th September at Norwood Townhall, Adelaide.

ANB (SA) Fitness Competition – Sunday 27th September at Scott Theatre, Adelaide.

Nourish Festival – Saturday 17th October, Rundle Park, Adelaide.
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Amelia and 11 month old Orlando. 25 kilos lost post baby with no gimmicks!

Amelia and 11 month old Orlando. 25 kilos lost post baby with no gimmicks!

The pancakes fitness models eat

I love making healthy versions of my favourite high calorie foods because not only do they keep me satisfied for longer, I am also getting far more nutrients which positively impacts my health.

Mayans and Aztecs used chia seeds, which come from a flowering plant in the mint family, as a staple energy source. In fact, the word “chia” itself derives from the Mayan word for strength. Chia seeds are a complete protein source, meaning that they contain all essential amino acids. The seeds also contain a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation.

Living Beauty Healthy Protein Pancakes


2 tsp chia seeds
1/2 cup water
1 cup wholegrain rolled oats
30g All Natural Protein WPI
1 tsp baking powder
1tsp cinnamon
2 organic eggs
1 medium banana
1 tsp coconut oil

Kiwi Fruit
Chocolate Sauce
**(2 tbsp raw cacao and 2 tbsp coconut oil mixed in a saucepan with 1 tsp rice bran syrup or stevia)

Makes 2 serves

  1. Soak chia seeds in 1/2 cup of water for two minutes stirring to form a gel
  2. Add all ingredients in a blender and process until a smooth batter is formed
  3. Place coconut oil into a frying pan on medium heat and melt, then wipe around the pan with paper towel to ensure the pan is coated with oil evenly
  4. Pour half of the pancake batter into the pan and cook evenly both sides
  5. Serve with sliced fresh banana and cinnamon

** All Natural Protein
Enter Amelia at checkout for 10% off and free delivery

Flat Stomach Secrets
You can stay lean and have a flat stomach all year round.
I have never excluded carbohydrates from my preparations and I eat carbs for example: rice cakes, sweet potato, pumpkin, brown rice, basmati rice, gluten free bread. I eat a heap of green and red vegetables and plenty of protein combined with good fats.
Click here to shop my eBooks starting from just $19.95

Yours In Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o

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Amelia’s Top 3 Tips for Body Confidence

Have you ever noticed that you can be your own worst enemy? Sometimes it is hard to think positive thoughts, but this is where the magic happens on your body transformation journey.

If you really listen to what is going on, you CAN let your good voice take over and be well on your way to body confidence!

Early in my fitness career I struggled with body confidence. My mind used to run wild with thoughts and churn over my bad points, but I started to realise this was a negative cycle that needed to be broken! I gave myself a good talking to and put things in perspective and this is how I did it.

When we look around at the REAL challenges around the world and important world issues – it seems CRAZY to be so inwardly focused and care so much about how we look, or how we want to look. Thoughts like this are wasted energy!

Our mind is a powerful tool and can make or break’s some examples:

Example 1

Good Voice: I just did the best 60 mins of cardio and am exhilarated!

Bad voice: You still have fat on your thighs.

Good voice: It will come off soon, just keep going!

Bad voice: It is going to take ages, why bother.

Good voice: Just do the action and the result will follow.

Example 2

Good voice: I am off to the gym to lift some weights and then to the grocery story to stock up on clean foods.

Bad voice: You are so tired why bother, just go home onto the sofa.

Good voice: But the gym is actually great time out and is fun when I get there.

Bad voice: Why bother it’s too much effort.

Good voice: Just drive there and do it, you’ll be glad you did.

Amelia’s top 3 tips for body confidence

  1. Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively about yourself and REPLACE every negative thought with a positive one.
  2. BALANCE INWARD and OUTWARD focus. Realise that being too inwardly focused will mean you miss out on so many amazing things in life. Look around you and be grateful for the wonderful things you do have in your life.
  3. FOCUS ON HOW YOU FEEL. Living a healthy lifestyle will make you FEEL energetic, have great digestion, sleep better and improve your moods – there are so many positives that reach far beyond how you look.

Get rid of the bad voice and kick it to the kerb!!


Post Baby Transformation: Without self belief I would never have been able to fit into my clothes again. I just took small steps daily and wore bigger clothes until one day I could fit into my regular clothes again.

Great feedback from clients of Amelia’s – 4 week Bikini Body eBook

Nicole Sumracki

Nicole Sumracki, co-owner Nutrition Republic, PhD in Medicine

What I really like about Amelia’s My Bikini Body, is her overall approach to health and wellness, with particular emphasis on mindset and how this is really the key to ultimate health and wellness.

Before Amelia even begins to demonstrate her fitness and dietary plan, she covers all bases, with easy to understand tips on nutrition, mindset, how to establish a weekly routine and how to stay motivated. I believe that covering these bases first, is key to establishing a lifelong healthy approach to staying fit and active.

I particularly like how all exercises can be done at home, making it easier to incorporate fitness into your everyday life.

Amelia’s book wraps it up really well with useful success tips to make sure you feel empowered and confident in making your recent lifestyle changes life long changes.

Nicole Sumracki, co-owner Nutrition Republic, PhD in Medicine.

Delicious breakfast options at Nutrition Republic, Adelaide.

Delicious breakfast options at Nutrition Republic, Adelaide.

Click here to find out more about Nutrition Republic located at King William Road, Hyde Park Adelaide. Amelia’s fave!

Kate Abraham, Owner Keito Events and Marathon runner.

Kate Abraham, Owner Keito Events and Marathon runner.

Amelia’s eBook has been an amazing kick-start to a much healthier approach to eating and my overall wellbeing over the past 4 weeks. Her simple and highly effective tips and advice have made such a big difference to my energy levels.

Having a young child, running a business, fitting in exercise, socialising and seeing my family is a big juggle and I need to feel my best to get through a busy week.

Amelia’s advice for rest and recovery, her delicious and easy to make recipes and her general advice on topics such as hydration and planning/organising the week have made a big difference to my health in just a few weeks of following her guide.

I will certainly be continuing to follow her meal plans and exercise guidelines as I know how much of a difference it makes to the way I feel. Her approach is clear, effective, achievable and enjoyable. Very happy that I decided to try her guide.

Kate Abraham, Director Nourish Festival and Keito Events, Adelaide.

Nourish Festival

Click here to find out about this amazing festival – Amelia will be teaching a class!

Get your start on feeling amazing with Bikini Body 4 week program.

Watch the video, click here.

Amelia x o

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Best healthy chocolate recipe – beat cravings!

You need to eat regularly to lose body fat, and incorporating treats is good for you. Just like these amazing healthy chocolate protein balls. The delicious and healthy recipe is below.

Why is it good to have protein balls instead of a chocolate bar?

  1. Raw cacao contains antioxidants, iron and magnesium plus other health-boosting, anti-aging, disease-fighting goodies.
  2. Maca powder increases energy and vitality and is great for hormone balance.
  3. Nuts are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acid.
  4. The protein in this recipe will keep you fuller for longer, rather than commercially processed chocolate which has a large percentage of refined sugar. Refined sugars in commercially produced brands, won’t satisfy the craving but rather send you on an energy roller coaster, giving you a huge energy spike followed by a crash and leave you wanting more.
  5. They taste simply delicious!
  6. My BEST TIP: you can freeze them and defrost as needed.
Amelia's protein balls - a great snack idea!

Amelia’s protein balls – a great snack idea!

Living Beauty Workshop Success

Thanks to all ladies who attended the Adelaide health and fitness workshop on
30th May, 2015.

  • Everyone created their own Wellness Action plan.
  • Goodies included: raw cake, salads and a gift bag – jam packed with treats from our sponsors.
  • We gave away a Lorna Jane Cookbook and a week of meals from Just Add Muscle.
  • Yoga class, Resistance training class and Nutrition talk.

Living Beauty Fitness Workshop in Adelaide

Beautiful Bikini Body – Client Amanda – New Bikini Photos

Look at gorgeous Living Beauty client Amanda, she is living proof that a bikini body CAN be attained with balance – NOT restriction. Amanda has competed several times in fitness competitions in Adelaide and Melbourne and recently updated her portfolio with these gorgeous images.

Amanda trained by

Amanda trained by

Photo Credit Ross Brownsdon

Amanda’s Story

I have been under the guidance of since 2011.

The reason I have been loyal to Amelia and entrusting her to guide me onto the stage is her attitude of health comes before anything else. I cannot agree with this enough, especially being female, with due consideration to our complex and sensitive bodies. Amelia understands the importance of having all facets of the body functioning well during competition preparation, and subsequently she left nothing open to adversity.

To me, this is just as important as achieving my goal of stepping onto the competition stage. After all, I believe health is indicative of the human body functioning as it is designed to do, whilst becoming stronger and fitter.

Amelia never prescribed fat burners or other supplements that potentially wreak havoc on the body. Amelia incorporated recovery sessions into my program to ensure I did not burn out, or induce injuries from irresponsible overtraining.

Living Beauty Fitness’ methods and principles have stood the test of time, and will continue to be what separates Living Beauty from the rest.

Amanda ready for her fitness competition in Adelaide and All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

Amanda ready for her fitness competition in Adelaide and All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

Amelia Ricci’s Chocolate Protein balls recipe


3/4 cup of Chocolate Protein Powder (The All Natural Company Whey Protein Isolate)

You can purchase this from The All Natural Company and enter “Amelia” at checkout for 10% discount and FREE Delivery.

1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup almonds
2 tbsp linseed, sunflower seeds and/or pepitas
1 cup medjool dates, pitted and chopped
3 tbsp tahini or peanut butter
1/4 cup raw cacao powder or cocoa powder
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp honey or rice bran syrup (optional)
** I replaced honey or syrup with 2 heaped tbsp MACA Powder for energy and vitality
1/4 cup of raw c brand coconut water (add this last and you may need more/less)
100g desiccated coconut for coating balls


1. Combine the walnuts, almonds and seeds in a food processor and whiz until fine crumbs.
2. Add the dates and whiz until smooth.
3. Add the protein powder, tahini, cacao powder, cinnamon, honey and whiz for two minutes or until the mixture starts to form into a ball.
4. Add coconut water sparingly until desired consistency achieved.
5. Divide into small portions and roll into balls between lightly wet palms (approx 2.5cm diameter balls).
6. Roll in coconut, and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Makes 15 to 20.
(one serve is 3 balls with fresh fruit as a perfect afternoon or morning snack)


Stay up to date with Amelia on Facebook

Follow on Instagram for daily fitness tips @livingbeautyamelia

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Amelia x x

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Healthy Pizza Recipe & Fitness Lifestyle Tips!

In this month’s LIVING BEAUTY FITNESS blog:

  • Adelaide fitness model competition update.
  • $500 raised for Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Easy tips to achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Healthy guilt free pizza recipe.

Taking positive steps to achieve health and wellness goals requires self belief and this happens from the inside out!
I am very proud of recent Adelaide Fitness competition clients Jo and Marguerita who had a very successful season. Not only did our clients make great achievements, but we also held our twice yearly fundraiser selling protein balls at the Fitness competitions. We raised over $500 for The Childhood Cancer Association. A huge thank you to all the Living Beauty girls who helped.

Logo (2)

Amelia, Jo, Marguerita and Gemma.

Amelia, Jo, Marguerita and Gemma.

How positive actions and thoughts will achieve your goals

People often complain about the “bad” situation they are in. They usually complain and look for someone, or something to blame, rather than acknowledge it is their own actions that led to this situation.

  • If you blow your money on something you cannot afford, it will impact negatively on your finances.
  • If you have a cold or flu and go to the gym, you will feel worse.
  • If you feel drained after hanging out with a negative person, why not distance yourself?
  • If you eat a particular food and you feel sick, why eat it again?

Where did common sense go?

I often hear people say things like:

  • Oh I just went crazy eating at Christmas (or Easter) and now I have 5 kilos to lose, so I am going to go on a “fasting diet”.
  • I was out of control with my spending on a holiday, and now I have huge credit card repayments.
  • I could not go to the gym for the whole of winter because it was too cold.

Life can be fun and you can have freedom to enjoy eating, spending, or whatever you like, BUT – you do not need to go to extremes, just use “common sense” and then you won’t have to whinge again because you have put yourself in a bad situation!

Now that’s where the word discipline comes in. Life is about compromise, doing things you do not want to do sometimes. If you keep practising discipline then you will be rewarded and all the things you do want and the happy times will follow.


Amelia teaching Yoga in Adelaide

Use commonsense…if you know something is bad for you whether it be a habit, a relationship, a food, a form of exercise then don’t do it.

Once you have developed some discipline you will achieve great things. AND most importantly, If you have good common sense you wont need too much discipline!

Fitness and wellness is a lifestyle – Choosing common sense now will make every goal easier, because you will travel the middle path and then can ramp up your discipline when you want to achieve big goals – but you never need ‘damage control’.

Cauliflower Pizza Base for Guilt Free Pizza

Cauliflower pizza base with fresh ingredients - prior to cooking the pizza.

Cauliflower pizza base with fresh ingredients – prior to cooking the pizza.

Everyone has been asking about the Cauliflower pizza base. I enjoy it because it gives me extra veggies.

Ingredients Makes one base
(serves one large or two small)
5 egg whites (or 3 whole eggs)
3 tbsp grated Parmesan (optional)

Cauliflower rice:
1/2 or 3/4 cup steamed cauliflower. Let this cool completely and put into a food processor and process to make rice consistency.

Sliced button mushrooms
Spring onions
Cherry tomatoes
Red Capsicum
Feta cheese (use sparingly e.g. 20 grams for one person)


  1. Mix eggs, cauliflower rice and parmesan cheese in a bowl.
  2. Heat a little coconut oil in a large skillet or frying pan and wipe excess oil with paper towel, so the base of the pan is well coated.
  3. Cook the cauliflower base (like a pancake and flip so both sides are cooked).
  4. Transfer to a large baking tray lined with baking paper.
  5. Add toppings.
  6. Bake in oven at 180 for approx 10-15 min.

Make health & fitness your lifestyle and you will easily achieve your goals!

Daily fitness motivation, free recipes, exercise ideas:
Join me on facebook and instagram @livingbeautyamelia

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o

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Amelia’s Fitness Model Secrets & Free Healthy Eating Plan

Get ready for amazing bikini body transformations as Living Beauty Adelaide Fitness Models hit the stage at upcoming competitions. As a fitness model trainer in Adelaide for the past 10 years, I still get excited to see my clients achieve their goals!

Come and see us at the Living Beauty Fitness stand and meet our competition team:

Sunday 26th April at Norwood Townhall, ANB (SA) Fitness Model Revolution

Sunday 3rd of May at Norwood Townhall, INBA (SA) Fitness Model Competition

We are raising funds for Childhood Cancer Association by selling protein balls and would love your support.

Amelia's Bliss Balls - so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions - and this year is 5 years of fundraising!

Amelia’s Bliss Balls – so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions – In 2015 we celebrate 5 years of fundraising!

I always get asked the same questions, so here are the answers to fitness model secrets…

Do fitness competitors blow out after the competition?

I mentor my clients over 20 weeks to ensure they have a healthy competition preparation and I am passionate about their long term health. I design their training and nutrition with their health as a number one priority.

My advice is that the longer you stick with clean eating the less you crave foods high in salt, sugar or saturated fat. Adjusting your head space is the key, and the longer you view food as something to be feared or has control over you, the worse cravings appear to be.

Just relax and enjoy eating clean foods and soon enough you will learn ways to make your fave recipes healthy. Just view the recipes on Amelia’s blog such as the Berry Banana Loaf recipe (click here).

When eating out have your favourite food and enjoy it. By mentally and physically enjoying food and not feeling guilty, you will learn that everything in life is about balance and clean eating is no different. Moderation and portion sizes are the secret to long term weight loss.

I never cut calories too low for my fitness model clients and I also provide a tailored off season plan when clients finish the competition. I wrote an article for Oxygen Magazine Australia, on Post Competition Wellness which you can view here.

How do you juggle fitness and motherhood?

I put my workouts in my diary and if I cannot make it I re-schedule them. I meal prep in advance and I follow all the principles in my new Bikini Body Transformation program which is an eBook I wrote detailing how I achieve this balance. You can find out about the bikini body program in this video.

Do you ever eat chocolate?

Yes, of course. I love Haigh’s chocolate from Adelaide and as a proud South Australian, I always eat this chocolate. I eat two squares or two truffles once a week during my post baby shape up! And, I must admit over Easter I ate a small amount of chocolate every day – Yum!

Amelia Ricci 20 kilos lost post baby

Amelia Ricci 20 kilos lost post baby

And speaking of chocolate…want to get back on track after Easter?

Here are my LIVING BEAUTY Fitness tips:

Sweat it out: Get outdoors and run at the beach, or head to the gym and do a weights circuit! Don’t make excuses and sit around, it’s more effective to force yourself out of the house and sweat it out, as opposed to lounging around!

You will feel amazing, your endorphins will kick in and BOOM! Instant recovery!

Fill your fridge with all healthy food!
If you don’t have junk in the house you can’t eat it.

Drink Up!
Water- drink as much water as possible.

Amelia Ricci’s Healthy meal plan:

Breakfast: 1/3 cup cooked Quinoa topped with almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon and fresh mint leaves.

Snack: Grapefruit slices (vitamin C, fibre, minimum sugar!)

Lunch: Grilled chicken, spicy mustard (no additives), sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and red capsicum. ½ cup brown rice.

Snack: A home-made protein bar for example my carrot cake protein bars recipe.

Dinner: Veggies galore! Avocado, broccoli, celery, and bok choy with grilled salmon, barramundi or steak on top (dressing a little balsamic vinegar, Olive oil, fresh lemon, and freshly ground black pepper with Himalayan salt.)

After dinner: Ginger Herbal Tea!

Positive self-talk is so important for a successful body transformation
Make sure you are NICE to yourself CUT the self-criticism and DO something productive towards reaching your goal.

Want to work with Amelia Ricci and Gemma Dawson face to face? 

Living Beauty Health & Fitness workshop in Adelaide

Promo Image

This is going to be a sell out! We have already taken bookings and places are limited, contact us today. Learn our secrets to long term wellbeing – Transform your body and feel energetic!

Saturday 30th May, Adelaide. 11am – 4pm.

– How to structure a daily meal plan.
– Perform weight training exercises correctly.
– Yoga stretches that can be used daily for active recovery.
– Enhancing metabolic response to food and exercise.
– Drop body fat the healthy way.
– The exercises that will give you toned arms, a tight butt and a flat stomach.

Sponsors including:
– Lorna Jane Active Living Room Rundle Street
– Paleo Cafe Adelaide – Hyde Park
– eat me raw
– The All Natural Company
– Fresh Hair & Body
Just Add Muscle Meals
*WIN a week of meals from Just Add Muscle Australia Pty Ltd
* FREE gifts from our sponsors

Adelaide Health and Wellbeing workshop with information that will change your life. You will learn to live lean and healthy for the long term!

No gimmicks, no sales pitches!! FREE gift bag for all attendees.

$99 each for two registrations received in one payment
$115 per person
(prior to 24th April, 2015)
This event is a sell out each year – don’t miss out.

Email to book now

The workshop is a day full of knowledge based on 15 years of experience of getting women their best body ever, without pills, potions and gimmicks, we know what works!

Yours In Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o

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How to Combine Healthy Eating & Socialising

Healthy eating and socialising normally do not go together, it’s just way too hard isn’t it? I do have my moments, but I certainly feel my best when choosing healthy foods and socialising is no exception.

Let’s be honest we have all been there, after a few drinks, health and fitness becomes the last thing on your mind! If you are on a fat loss and muscle toning program, you don’t want throw away all your hard work during the week with just one social event, so how can you stay on track? Here are a few ideas for Healthy Entertaining and Socialising without the added kilos.

Entertaining at home:
Healthy platters with a range of raw veggies, fresh fruit and healthy dips such as hommous.

Healthy Dips Platter

Healthy Dips Platter made by Amelia – Pumpkin dip, Hommous dip, fat free sundried tomatoes, seaweed rice crackers and cubes of cheddar cheese (all gluten free).

At a restaurant/café or pub:
Choose lean protein for example: fish, chicken or steak as the first step. Then ask for your protein to be grilled and any sauces to be served on the side. Add steamed vegetables or a salad and voila! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you like, your body will thank you for it.


Amelia’s raw veggies and fruit platter is perfect for a visually appealing treat for your guests! Entertaining can be healthy – it’s your choice.

Christmas Day and the festive season – Read my past blog with 3 free recipes including recipes for Bliss Balls that are TO DIE FOR!

Amelia's Bliss Balls - so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions - and this year is 5 years of fundraising!

Amelia’s Bliss Balls – so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions – and this year is 5 years of fundraising!

It is possible to socialise and still lose weight. In the past I have managed my calorie intake and still lost the required body fat each week for an event or fitness model competition. It really is all about moderation and planning ahead, so you have some healthy options to choose from and set yourself up for success.
My tips should help you eat and drink smarter – so you literally can have your cake and eat it too!

After all, who wants to live a life without fun and social occasions?

Read more in my new book which has a dedicated section all about eating out and still losing weight.

Join me on Instagram @livingbeautyamelia for daily food and smoothie recipes.

Join me on Facebook for daily motivation
Yours in Health and Happiness,

Amelia x o

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5 Shocking Fitness Myths You Need to Know

Dispel these myths and you will be on track to being
lean, happy and balanced!

Amelia Ricci Bikini Body Expert helping women achieve their best body!

  1. Carbs are bad. White refined carbs like white bread and pasta have little nutritional value, however my experience shows that carbohydrates are a healthy addition to your health and fitness lifestyle. I suggest brown rice, sweet potato, dense rye bread, and if your portions are matched to your goals, you will achieve a lean body.

    Dinner meal including sweet potato

    Dinner meal including sweet potato

  2. Diet foods are a good way to lose weight. Products such as ‘diet’ yoghurt, cordial, museli bars and soft drinks are loaded with chemicals and empty calories. You are better off eating or drinking the non-diet version of the food and treating yourself occasionally, rather than filling up on diet foods on a daily basis. Diet foods and drinks are not only harmful due to their additives, but quite often they don’t leave you feeling satisfied, so you can easily eat above your calorie needs.
Diet foods - avoid them!

Diet foods – avoid them!

  1. Fasted cardio is the only way to decrease body fat. As long as you are committed to get it done, any time you can fit in your cardio session will be fine. If you give 100% effort during a high intensity cardio session you can kick your body into action and lose fat at any time of the day. And, if you prefer a lower intensity option, for example walking, you simply need to do it for a longer duration.
  2. You have to kill yourself in the gym to lose weight. Over training is the most common symptom I see when clients come to me to lose weight (body fat). You can train at home as little as 30-45 minutes each day with one day off each week and this will give you great results. Training excessively is not necessary because it may lead to food cravings and/or injuries.
Effective workouts 1) do not have to be done at the gym 2) can last as little as 30 minutes

Effective workouts 1) do not have to be done at the gym         2) can last as little as 30 minutes

  1. There is only one way to diet. This is just plain wrong as it may not be the dietary regime or meal plan, but whether you are committed to sticking to it. It is better to be able to follow a sensible meal plan – rather than undertake a crazy calorie or food group restricted diet for a short time period and then put all the weight back on! Strategies like eating in moderation and drinking adequate water are much more realistic and sustainable for the long term.

Fitness Tip: Drink lots of water.  I love to flavour my water with berries and lime – yum!

Transform your life now with my new 4 week program which is a kick start to long term lifestyle change and covers every principle you need to know to stay on track and keep your bikini body forever! Download my new eBook!

For more tips to help you on your fitness journey:

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Amelia x o

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3 sorbet recipes you’ll drool over this summer

If you are on a journey to get your summer bikini body, you might think that sorbet and ice cream are out of the question. Wrong, just read below for my top 3 sorbet recipes you’ll love this summer!

Berry Fruity Dream Sorbet

Amelia's Berry Fruity Dream Sorbet

Amelia’s Berry Fruity Dream Sorbet

Ingredients (Serves 1)
1 frozen banana
150g frozen raspberries
30g vanilla protein powder (All Natural Company)
1/2 cup water (or coconut water)
2 Tbsp Loving Earth Buckini’s (or raw cacao nibs)


1. Place frozen fruit in blender and chop finely.
2. Add protein powder and 1/2 cup of water, blend until smooth.
*Tip if your blender has a whipping attachment this will give a better consistency.
3. Serve in a chilled glass and top with buckini’s.

*What are buckini’s? A delicious and healthy chocolate treat made from buckwheat, which is gluten free and has an alkalising effect on the body.
* All Natural Protein can be purchased here using the code “Amelia” – 10% off and free delivery.

Acai Bowl

Amelia's Acai Bowl

Amelia’s Acai Bowl

Ingredients (Serves 1)
1 tsp chia seeds
1/4 – 1/2 cup almond milk (or coconut water for a nut free alternative)
1 frozen banana
100g frozen blueberries
1 tsp Acai powder (from health food shops)

Optional toppings
1 tsp each of: shredded coconut, goji berries, bee pollen
* Note bee pollen may be an allergen for some people

1. In a small bowl add chia seeds to almond milk (or water) and soak for 2 minutes, stirring with a spoon until a thick consistency is achieved. Set aside.
2. Place banana and blueberries in blender and chop fruit finely.
3. Add Acai powder and chia seeds soaked in almond milk.
4. Blend again until a thick consistency is achieved.
5. Place mix into a chilled glass and top according to your taste. See above delicious topping ideas!

Mango Sorbet

Amelia's Mango Sorbet

Amelia’s Mango Sorbet

Ingredients (serves 4-6):
500g fresh mango flesh
1 egg white

Note: this is a Thermomix recipe.

1. Remove skin and pip from mango (or two mangoes) and cut into cubes. Weigh a 500g portion of mango and place into container and freeze (preferably overnight).
2. Add fruit to Thermomix and chop for 10 seconds on speed 8. Scrape down sides of bowl with spatula to loosen mixture.
3. Add egg white and mix for 40-60 seconds on speed 5 with the aid of the spatula.
4. Insert butterfly and mix for 30-40 seconds on speed 3.
5. Serve immediately or place into container and freeze until serving.

For more tips to help you on your fitness journey:

Download my new eBook!

Join me on Facebook.

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Amelia x o

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You think you know about Fat Loss? Find out.

Fat loss, toning your bikini body and feeling energetic begins with my top 5 tips! Get FREE downloads when you visit my new web site and as a bonus I will also give you a 5% discount coupon to use when getting started this summer.

How can losing weight be fun?

The 4 week bikini body program delivers amazing results because I started by distributing the weekly diet meal plans and workout plans to a diverse group of women. These busy women loved the:

  • Shopping lists.
  • Quick recipes.
  • Time effective workouts.

“I was always more of a ‘fitness class’ person and I thought I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do the exercises at home. I was wrong!”

Carla Caruso with her 1yo twins, Alessio, left, and Sebastian.

Carla Caruso with her 1yo twins, Alessio, left, and Sebastian.

The weekly diet meal plans are quick and easy. Creating the beautiful photos with cook book author Michelle Koen from Healthy Helpings was the key to making the program enjoyable.

“I cannot believe that this food is diet food, it’s so delicious!”

4 week bikini body protein bars

4 week bikini body protein bars

Fitness is a breeze when you have an easy workout guide to follow and Gemma Dawson, Assistant Coach for Living Beauty helped with the shoot.

Gemma Dawson, Assistant Coach Living Beauty & Fitness Model

Gemma Dawson, Assistant Coach Living Beauty & Fitness Model

The summer workout plan can be done at home and includes:

  • Upper Body Workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Abs and Leg Toning Workout
  • Stretching Routine
Fitness program 4 week bikini body

Fitness program 4 week bikini body

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan

Get Fit Now

  • All materials are digital.
  • Sent to you instantly in pdf format.
  • You can start straight away.
  • Can be downloaded to any computer or iPad.
  • Watch this video to find out more!

Thank you!

I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the team who helped me with this huge project to produce a quality program. I have put so much blood, sweat and tears (literally!) into the content that it’s something I’m super proud to share. It has taken long days and sleepless nights but my NEW program is now live!

4wbb-Hardcover-Book-MockUp (2)

Here’s my latest progress pic – a scary thing for me – as I normally post photos of my clients, but I am undergoing my own transformation journey right now.

17 weeks

Life throws everyone challenges. If you can keep your head space right, possess a healthy self-esteem and try to live from the heart, it is so much easier to love life for all its ups and downs and bring others with you on a positive lifelong journey of learning and growing.

Wishing you a happy new year – and the chance to do something you fear!

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Amelia x o

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Get a head start this summer on your Bikini Body!

I am really excited to bring you my “4 week bikini body” e-book which is a complete mindset, training and nutrition overhaul.

The book is a kick start program so that you can learn to implement all of my principles. You will feel more energetic than you have in years and learn how to keep these healthy habits for life.

Sign up to the mailing list early and you will receive 3 x FREE gifts (via instant download) PLUS a discount coupon. That’s $30 worth of FREE stuff! Then, when the program is available you will be the first to know via email.

Check out the web site at

Book Image

The program includes nutrition and training – but most importantly details my lifestyle principles that are sustainable for busy women. The 4 week bikini body program is achievable for busy women, because it includes all my tips, collected over 20 years in the fitness industry. I have also tested the program on a diverse group of women.

What my clients said….

I thought this was a fantastic program, and especially enjoyed the fitness component.

I was always more of a ‘fitness class’ person and I thought I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do the exercises at home. I was wrong!

Your ‘at home’ exercises were simple and effective, and being a busy mum I could squeeze them in without having to get dressed up or worrying whether my husband would be home to look after the kids. I liked that the exercises weren’t the same each day so it didn’t get boring. I also liked that I didn’t have to feel guilty about snacking in between the meals and I loved your recipes.

The 4 week bikini body program has inspired me to change my habits and begin a new health and fitness quest.

Carla, Novelist and Mother of twins aged 16 months
4 week bikini body client, SA

The 4 week bikini body program helped me to realise how simple it is to lose weight by eating nutritious meals that nurture your body and exercising as little as 30-45 minutes a day.

I can’t believe the difference in my body and I no longer feel bloated or sluggish. I have so much energy. Losing almost 3kg in 4 weeks was the ideal kick start and motivation to continue on and incorporate the bikini body nutrition principles on my long term weight loss journey for my wedding day in a few months. Thank you so much Amelia.

Cara, Marketing Manager and Bride to be
4 week bikini body client, SA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week bikini body program Amelia has delivered and the lifestyle changes that I have achieved have been enormous. For me, this program was about improvement in overall wellbeing and energy levels, I feel fitter, stronger and brighter than I have in years. I look forward to maintaining the good habits I have learned.

Michelle Christie, Company Director
4 week bikini body client, SA

Sign up to the mailing list now

The 4 week bikini body program is for busy women and will change the way you view health and fitness.

Amelia Ricci Chosen by INBA as the ideal Bikini Body in 2007 (5 years of competing history) and now training other girls to be successful Fitness and Bikini Models

Amelia Ricci
Chosen by INBA as the ideal Bikini Body

I am also excited to continue my writing for Oxygen Magazine Australia. Read my latest Oxygen Article, which describes the training that is safe for pregnancy and outlines exactly the training I did whilst I was pregnant this year.

Amelia Ricci featured in Oxygen Magazine December 2014

Amelia Ricci featured in Oxygen Magazine December 2014

Download and read more of my Oxygen and Ultra Fitness Articles here.

Amelia x o

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