Beat Sugar Cravings

I speak to so many people who want to beat sugar cravings. The most important thing is to replace the sugar with delicious healthy recipes! You can beat sugar cravings by reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, substituting sugar with recipes using natural sweeteners and giving your taste buds time to adapt. Over… Read More

4 Essential Women’s Health Tips

My essential women’s health tips will have you on the right path to feeling energetic and enjoying life. As women we are always looking after our families, our children and our career, so it is important to set aside time for yourself and make these wellness strategies a priority. Yoga is great for women’s health… Read More

How to Get Flat Abs Post Baby

To get flat abs post baby you need to have consistency with a targeted exercise program. Flat abs post baby are also a combination of a good nutrition plan and learning how to active the deep ab muscles correctly. Did you know it takes up to 12 months for the muscles, uterus and skin on… Read More

Foods to Fight Cellulite

Incorporating foods to fight cellulite into your daily diet, is easier than you think. In order to eat foods to fight cellulite you need to prepare your meals in advance and follow a healthy meal plan. Give yourself 4 weeks to get in shape and look your best in a bikini. Your meal plan should… Read More

Workout Motivation in 8 Easy Steps

Workout motivation comes and goes and the best way to maintain it is to create lifestyle change. Workout motivation is the energy and the desire to make a change and the best way is to think how great you will feel after you finish a workout. Here are my tips for workout motivation. Break your… Read More

Bikini Friendly Desserts

Are you struggling with sugar cravings? These bikini friendly desserts are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and still achieve your goals. Finding bikini friendly desserts can be tricky but here are a few quick and easy recipes which will satisfy the sweet-tooth while keeping you on track. Summer Protein Ice Cream Ingredients… Read More

5 Tips for losing baby weight

As a new mum, I know firsthand how hard it is to juggle a new family, a career and my own health. This is why I compiled my top tips for losing the baby weight.

Best Bikini Model Blog

The best bikini model blog can be seen on Amelia’s Living Beauty web site. Here Amelia has written blogs since 2010 covering nutrition, training and all of the success of our fitness models. It is all about the Journey Hours of time spent dieting and training is topped off by posing classes teaching poise elegance… Read More

Best Fat Loss Workout

My Best Fat Loss Workout can be seen in this video! No equipment workout for Fat Loss! Reverse lunge x 20 Running in place x 20 Walk out push ups x 10 Jump squats x 10 Incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great strategy because it keeps your resting metabolic rate elevated for… Read More

Bikini Model Reveals her Flat Abs Secrets

Would you like visibly flatter abdominals? Getting the flat abs you dream of is a combination of 3 things: Correct posture, Targeted exercises and Nutrition to ensure you are not eating any foods that bloat your stomach. I will show you which muscles you should be using to get flat abs and exercises to tone,… Read More